Mike Chen

I make toys
and explore hidden joys.


Where's Wally

— Ready, Steady, Go!

During the pandemic, I spent a lot more time on books. And I found my favorite puzzle book from my bookshelf. I made a digital version so I can play it with friends.

multi-player, SSE, game

betrayal's eyes

— an AR tool for playing board game

Playing a board game is fun. Cheking rules of a complicated game, however, is not. What if you can see the rules with the context of game through the Augmented-Reality technology?

android, openGL


— tl;dr?

How do you read a long web article? Maybe taking a glance for the whole content, checking the structure and length of it, scanning images and quotes, or even jumping to the comment block. By taking Monocle on your Chrome browser, you can have a new perspective while reading on the web.

javascript, chrome extension


— the way you perform infinite loading

I want to learn and build Infinit-Loading effect by myself. It should be more than events, states or callbacks. It should be fun. Then I found a great metaphor for it.

javascript, module

Daily Prophet

— !!Reality

A fun project that simulates an Augmented-Reality experience on mobile devices. Also a good chance to explore gyroscope API and review perspective math.



— to rain to not to rain?

Living in a rainy city, I often cared about weather forecasts. Obviously, one source is not enough. Cooking different weather APIs, I built a personal weather dashboard. Moreover, by hacking with the city traffic webcams, I got a series of live street-views along the way to my office.

web scraping, meshup


— a photographer's portfolio

My brother is a photographer who sees the world with differnet eyes. I built this site for him to share the snapshots of his mind.

php, html5, js, css


— a python workflow framework

In the past work, I developed complicated trend-mining processes on Hadoop. Maintaing the logic and tracking how data flows need a systematic practice. I build this workflow framework inspired by Apache’s Oozie. This framework is released without business intelligent involved.

python, hadoop, pig

genie's draw

— a hackday's bookmarklet

We share web pages everyday. But sometimes I just want to highlight a small fraction that draws my attention in the whole page, and share it with friends. I wrote this toy annotation tool (desktop only) in a one-day hack day.


visual plurk

— a small world around you

My research topic is about mining the relationships between entities extracted from the web. Visualization is an essential topic for better knowing the data. This a toy project shows the relationships between you and your friends on the Plurk SNS.



— learning vocabularies is fun

I started this project for learning vocabularies when I was a student. It's kept being improved even today. You can find not only basic definitions and thesaurus, but also visual impressions and trending word usages. You can also play it with prefix/suffix or learn new words from analogies.

meshup, product design


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